Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everything Changes....

Today was just a crazy busy day and I got so much accomplished.

SO...I have been in cosmetology school for 6 months now. I am 11 hours short of being halfway finished. I started thinking the other day how unhappy I am at the current school I was at, also if I am supposed to finish this summer I do not know NEAR enough to go out and do hair on my own. I for sure was not getting the education that I was paying for. There were so many problems there and I think I blocked out of my mind just trying to get through school. I had finally had a breaking point yesterday and talked with my parents about it and we came to the conclusion that it would be best if I transferred to a different school. When I was younger I always had my hair cut by Wade Gordon, he was the owner of Toni and Guy. He recently Changed the salon to Wade Gordon Salon and he opened Wade Gordon Hair Dressing Academy. After a whirlwind the past two days we decided that is the school that I needed to be at. So as of tomorrow I will be a student of Wade Gordon Academy. I am super, super excited!!!! I know that the training there is a lot more challenging than at the place I was at but I am SO ready for a challenge! The other great thing about it is once I finish there I feel like there will be opportunities that will open up for me that I would not have at the other school. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me!!

Also as you know I broke my jaw and the hospital did not catch that little fact. So, as I started thinking about that I thought "Why should I have to pay for a service when I was misdiagnosed?". So I am a prepaid legal member so I called the attorney today to see if my thinking was right on this. He told me that indeed I should not have to pay for that service. He told me the steps I needed to take in communicating with the hospital. I called and talked to the sweetest lady at the hospital who completely agreed with my point of view. She is passing it on to another Dr. to view the scan and if that Dr. sees the break then they will take that part of the visit off of the bill! So lets just pray that that Dr will see it.

AND I went to the oral surgeon today for my weekly checkup. Good news: The break is healing very nicely. It is still broken but still not displaced and looking a whole lot better. Bad News: I will still be on a liquid diet. I say that it is bad but at this point in the process I am actually not as hungry as I have been. I guess my body is getting used to all the liquid. I am now praying that It will continue to heal on its own and that we will not have to take further measures.

I am so sorry if that bored you but as the title says this is My Life....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Not sure what I'm doing.

Well I decided that since I have a lot of free time at the moment that I would make a blog. I am still figuring it all out but I am excited!

So if you have not heard I have a broken jaw. I thought I would tell the whole story if you are interested read on......
I decided to skip school for a few days and help with the youth groups mission work for spring break. Since things are so bad in Mexico right now we were staying in town and doing work on a few houses here in town. I was working at a house that we were painting the whole inside. I had been working all day and decided to go outside and take a break. I had been out there for a while and I was getting up to go back inside and I lost my balance and fell. At first I did not think I blacked out but the more I think about it that is the only thing that makes sense, I did not scrape my hands which means I made no attempt to catch myself I just went right to my chin. When I looked at the ground I saw some teeth on the concrete. Amy came and took me to the ER. They did a CAT scan and said that my jaw was not broken so I went home.
I went to the dentist (Dr. Brewton, she is SUPER sweet!) the next morning to get my teeth fixed...or so I thought. She decided to do an x-ray on my jaw. When she looked at it she thought she saw a crack but did not want to jump to conclusions so she sent it to an oral surgeon (Dr. Graves) and within 15 minutes he was in the office telling me that my jaw was broken and I needed to go to his office to have another scan done. Now if you know me very well at all you know at think point I started crying. I was just upset because I was so glad the night before that I had not broken my jaw and this was just a shock! So after I got the scan done Dr. Graves said that it is broken but it is not displaced which is the best possible way for my jaw to break. Really as bad as it all could have been it all ended up being the best case scenario. They ended up being able to just glue my chin and not do stitches, which is AMAZING cause I HATE needles! The three teeth can be repaired easily, one of the teeth they will have to put a cap on but the other two she can just fill and rebuild. My mouth will not have to be wired shut, praise the Lord!!! I do have to be on a liquid diet for at least three weeks. I have to go in once a week for Dr Graves to check my jaw to make sure it is not displace. I just have to be really, really careful! But all in all it is good news.

Right now I need prayers. The liquid diet is not easly at all! You can only drink so much soup till you are tired of it and I am only on day three. I know I will be able to make it will just be hard. Also the pain is not too bad as long as I do not know that is super hard for me. I need patience to make it through this.

Anyway.... I will post sometime soon. I hope I can figure this think out.